Joakim Fr√łystein

Musician - Composer - Teacher



Imaginative and sociable nerd who specializes in fretted string instruments, electronics and music pedagogy.


He is equally inspired by the primal and physical as well as by the ambiguous and surreal, and his music embraces both powerful and intimate qualities.


Highly educated and with long experience with interdisciplinary pedagogic and artistic work, he has built a unique competence which has been appreciated by pedagogic institutions as well as private businesses.


He is known for deep insight and strong musical ear, which he uses in a number of contexts such as: improvising, composing, music production, teaching, research & development and as a text writer.


He enjoys playful explorations of words, complex rhythms, harmonic surprise, pristine sound, collaboration and communication.


Tel : +47 46780734

E-mail: joakim (at) froystein.net